Officer Election Results

New Begunto officers have been elected by Union members for 2013.  They are:

Paul Kennedy as President
Paul Baca and Walter Fahnestock as Vice Presidents
Roxanne Modafferi as Secretary General
Yancey Co as Treasurer

Begunto members had collective bargaining with Management on April 1st to give Shunto (spring) demands for this year (2013) for Negotiations.  They are as follows:

1. The company reinstate Walter Fahnestock and pay all back pay.

2. The company implement a 2% base up pay hike for all employees. (including staff, managers, HQ, teachers, everyone in the company)

3. The company pay a month’s bonus for all employees. (many companies give 5.5 month’s bonus, so the union feels one month is a reasonable request)

4. The company retract the warning letters regarding industrial action issued to those who struck after November 10, 2008.

5. The company maintain the former pension enrollment criteria irrespective of Shakai Hoken enrollment.

6. The company negotiate with and obtain the consent of Begunto before implementing any policy change or initiating any new policy.

7. Company immediately re-enroll all teachers kicked off Shakai Hoken or private pension scheme.

8.  The company enroll all employees who wish to be on Shakai Hoken.

9. The company pay five minute intervals before and after each scheduled unit of work at the instructor’s unit rate.

10.   The company provide safety training for all employees.

11. Return contracts to the automatically renewed type offered before May 2010 – withdraw the current yearly renewable condition applied to new contracts since 2010.


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