Berlitz Japan (Benesse subsidiary) unpaid wages claim Mita Labor Standards Office

Berlitz Japan (a Benesse subsidiary) in breach in unpaid wages claim according to Mita Labor Standards Office

An employee lodged a complaint at the LSO for unpaid wages stemming back to August 2013 after Berlitz refused to pay for required work on unscheduled time.  A formal complaint was filed December 24th, 2013 at the Mita, Tokyo Labor Standards Office (LSO).

Berlitz Tokyo management was summoned to the LSO office in January 2014 to receive a document stating that Berlitz Japan had withheld wages which is a violation of Article 24 of the Labor Standards Act.

Union executives and a representative met with the labor inspector again on March 17, 2014 after Berlitz missed its deadline to comply.  The LSO inspector informed the employee by phone later in the day that Berlitz has been given an April deadline to comply.

Benesse, the parent company, is based in Okayama.

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