Spread the word! But…

We are always happy to hear about our members promoting the union and doing their best to spread the good word. With that said, please refrain from doing it during working hours.

When you want to communicate with any employee about union related matters (the lawsuit, strike, etc) please do so ONLY in NON-WORKING TIME. This means non-working time for both you or the listener. Non-working time means anytime within the 45-minute unit (this includes the 3 minutes before and 2 minutes after each lesson). If either you or your counterpart are within a working unit, you should avoid discussing union business.

In regards to students, don’t initiate any discussion with them about union matters. However, if a student asks you about union matters you can answer their question outside of the lesson or politely tell them that you would like to decline.

A good rule of thumb for either situation is to say, “Let’s discuss it outside after work.”

Keep up the good work!

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