Berlitz General Union Tokyo was formed on June 30. 1995.   Originally it was founded by the Other Language Teachers (aka OLT , Non-English).  Over the years, members have fought to improve working conditions.  The Union has forced Management to sign legally binding Labor Management Agreements (LMA) covering issues which have had benefits for members.  The Union continues to pursue improvement of work conditions and job security for its members.The Berlitz General Union Tokyo’s (Begunto) purpose is to maintain and improve the working conditions and to raise economic status of its members, utilizing cooperative participation and mutual trust.

We are an affiliate of and operate under the parent union called “The National Union of General Workers Tokyo (Nambu).”  We have regular meetings called “Collective Bargaining” and “Shunto” with Management, where we discuss current issues, make demands of management, and negotiate those demands which are then made into law-binding policies.

Any person employed by Berlitz and are approved by the Union are eligible for membership.  However, anyone deemed to represent the interests of the employer are not.

If you work in a Berlitz from Shizuoka eastward, please contact us at the following address:

If you work in Western Japan from Nagoya westward, please contact the Berlitz General Union.

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