Working hard for Our members since 1995

Since our inception, we have been working hard to ensure a fair working environment for our members as well as for instructors throughout our region. Here are some of the highlights.


  • Reduction in lessons for contract instructors to compensate for payment in the 5 minute breaks.  This was a direct result of Begunto’s lawsuit against the company, suing for payment for the 5 minute breaks.
  • New Mountain Day National Holiday not considered a Happy Monday holiday by company.  Begunto had it re-instated.


  • 6 units in row limit policy change The union stated that the old policy was badly worded which allowed for 7 or more units to be scheduled without a teacher getting a break – new wording of “units” instead of “lessons.”
  • Settlement reached for the unfair dismissal of two Berlitz union employees July 2013 both members status was changed to resigned (from dismissed) and both received a cash settlement.
  • Clarification of travel time being 40 minute units and not 45 minutes. This is a policy roll back from 2005. Before that travels were 40 minutes.


  • Management and the union settle the legal suit against Berlitz. The union received a cash settlement for its members and union members also received a base up. The union agreed to withdraw its case against Berlitz in the Labor Commission regarding anti union practices.


  • Use of LC copier/fax for Begunto president


  • Pay teachers 100% of the salary increases, which the company froze, before the 2005 Strike


  • 10 more years of salary grade added to salary charts for seniority instructors.


  • The right for Union members to have an observer in meetings when there is a dispute
  • CTL’s to Instructors’ schedules which occur between 3 p.m. and schedule fix (if the student is being billed, someone should be getting paid)
  • Credit for all student requests (both written & oral requests) to be given to teachers.


  • Happy Monday Policy
  • LC Management Staff Paid Quarterly Meetings
  • Compensation for Group Out Services
  • Right not to work on Sunday.


  • The right to receive Union mail at the LC
  • Right to post union notices in the LCs.