Berlitz General Union Tokyo was established on June 30. 1995 by non-English language teachers. Those founding members envisioned BEGUNTO to be a way for employees of Berlitz to work together to have a voice in shaping the future of the company.

Since BEGUNTO’s founding, we have become an affiliate of, and operate under, The National Union of General Workers Tokyo (NAMBU). This affiliation has helped add validity to our demands during Collective Bargaining and Shunto with Berlitz Management. It’s during these meetings that we discuss current issues, issue demands, and shape those demands through negotiation into law-binding policies. You can learn more about our achievements here.

We have grown over the years, but our focus has never changed. We still work everyday to ensure our members have a fair work environment so they can focus on their jobs. And while we hope that each action we take benefits everyone at Berlitz, we can really only guarantee changes for our members.

BEGUNTO welcomes all Berlitz employees in our region to apply. We hope to see you at our next union meeting!