Shunto demands 2016

  1. Rescind the yearly renewable contract – go back to the automatically renewed contract
  2. Because of tuition increases in the past, increases in income taxation and sales tax going from 5% to 8% Begunto demands a 5% base increase for all employees of seniority, performance and rank.
  3. Settled
  4. The union demands that the company pay 12.5% for PL breaktime – Updated
  5. One month bonus for all employees
  6. The company enroll all employees who wish to be on Shakai Hoken
  7. The company provide safety training for all employees
  8. The company work with the union to improve the quality of the materials


  • Begunto demands that management provide protection of the PL income of existing teachers.
  • Begunto demands that the company reduce the units required for eligibility for OTAI, National Holiday Allowance, and PL teachers’ commutation allowance.
  • Begunto demands the company not make unilateral changes to the work rules without the unions consent.