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Below are pdf files of the posters for this year and last year. If you are looking for an older one, ask your shop steward or contact us directly.

In Case You Forgot- 5 minute break


CB report 2016.01.25

What do you mean it floats?

Why The Changes Matter to Contract Teachers

Berlitz tells them we don’t prep

Toyo Keizai Benesse Rank

Breaks in Contract

Picket Line begunto

Monotony..the Happy Monday Poster

Where did my break go

Where are we at?

Workers Striking in Japan

The Union



Berlitz tells them we don’t prep

Berlitz fires Catherine Campbell / breast cancer

Fake Crab Poster

While you were sleeping poster

Teacher Extra Effort Form

Collateral Benefits 2012 vers.

Bad Day sheet Poster vers2

What if…

Begunto Automatic Transfer

FAQ Pay Back 2014.11.14


Time Line for work in breaks